Utility Preconstruction Planning

At AUC, we know, understand and have ample experience in construction. We tailor a detailed project plan for a smooth delivery with all stakeholders. Ensuring each project is delivered on time, every time.


Centralized Hot Water Plants

At AUC we design, supply, install, maintain and service centralized hot water plans of any size to suit your needs.



Utility Construction 

We understand that the builder has to oversee many parts of the project not just utilities. At AUC we can assist with an industry experienced utility project manager, to ensure a smooth implementation of your utility solution.

Embedded Networks

At AUC we can;

1. Create embedded networks of any size.

2. Embedded network feasibility assessments. 

3. Unique structuring of embedded networks. 

4. Implement embedded network systems at existing sites.

Solar Systems

At AUC we can design, implement and install solar systems of any size.


Metering Solutions

Recommend main and sub metering solutions tailored to the customer's needs.

Energy Saving Solutions

At AUC we source sustainable and energy saving technologies such as solar panels and LEDS and home automation technologies.

Regulatory Compliance and Auditing

- Embedded Network Manager (ENM)

- Meter Data Provider (MDP)


- Meter Coordinator (MC)

Energy Procurement and Auditing

Energy procurement, contract negotiation and reviews.

Energy auditing to troubleshoot any problems in regards to energy efficiency.



Australian Utilities Company (AUC) is an Australian company which has grown from humble beginnings on the Gold Coast in Queensland, to operating on a national level.


We are a national leader in pre-paid and post-paid utility management and metering solutions, offering leading edge innovative solutions and consumer friendly technologies all tailored to our clients' requirements. 

At AUC we pride ourselves on the quality of our products (hardware, software and billing management systems) which can be operated by pre and post-paid billing modes, boasting comprehensive analytical capabilities.

We are a team of professionals that hold a wealth of knowledge with a multitude of post-graduate and bachelor qualifications including Financial, Legal, Electrical Engineering, Sustainable Development, a Master of Philosophy in Research (Marketing) and MBA qualifications.

To complement this, our leadership team provides us with direction, agility and innovation to implement change. We also strive to develop and maintain exceptional customer relationships, ensuring seamless delivery of detailed and tailored solutions, to all of our clients.

At AUC, our priorities are innovation, environmental stewardship, corporate sustainability and creating tailored value adding solutions for our clients.




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